Monday, July 28, 2014

The End of 9 Stupid Mirrors.

It's okay, we thought it was weird, too. When we first looked at the house we stood in the kitchen, looked out the window at the beautiful yard and neighborhood... then hesitated, like really hesitated, because of the 300 sq/ft of awkwardness we were standing in. Don't you just love those mirrors? All nine of them? They're especially great when you're doing the dishes and you look up only to see yourself 2 feet wider covered in food splatters. Holy crap.

And thanks to my husband... here she is!

Dustin took out the cabinet to the left of the fridge and moved the wall over 2 feet, thus creating a spacious 5 foot opening to the kitchen instead of just a 3 foot opening (again, weird.). He demo-ed the mirrors, completely refinished and antiqued the cabinets, built a new wall, made an island, built and refinished the butcher block, patched the floors, installed the backsplash tile (that took me 7 trips to Home Depot and Marshal's Tile and Stone before finally deciding), and had one of our electrician friends pull new wire through our hot attic for the new lighting fixture. He also demo-ed the bi-fold door closet in the hallway where the washer/dryer used to be and added cabinets and a small built-in desk. The biggest difficulty of all was endured many trips to Real Deals, TJ Maxx, and Downeast Home with me... and who knows how many hours of looking at pictures of all sorts of kitchens on google after the kids went to bed. 
No wonder it took us 4 months.
Question: Wall paint suggestions? 

So there you have it. All of your wildest dreams really can come true. Especially when you marry a guy who apparently can do anything. Like, help me paint the kitchen... who knew, right?


Valerie Stewart said...

That looks AMAZING! It is fun being married to a handy man isn't it? Our projects usually take that long too. But it is fantastic when it is done! Looks great!

Eric Harker said...

I'd go with either a light Dove Coat gray, a slightly deeper charcoal like Farrow & Ball's Down Pipe ( ), or a deep, yet vibrant blue like Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue ( ), color-matched so you don't pay $95/gallon or whatever.